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Nobody else in the industry offers a locker with our specifications as their standard locker. This is why our locker comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Remember, our whole business is lockers. Our Single, Double and Triple-Tier lockers come with a full length piano hinge and a Zero-Maintenance welded latch system as standard equipment, not expensive upgrades. Why? Research has determined that nearly every locker failure is the result of a failed hinge or a malfunctioning latch. With this in mind, we fortified these vulnerable areas and created an affordable standard locker that lasts virtually forever and requires an absolute minimum of maintenance.

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About Lightning Lockers

We are a nationwide supplier of wholesale new and used steel/metal lockers for use in educational facilities, industrial changing rooms, athletic clubs, institutions, gyms, and more. Whether your company, school, or professional organization is outfitting a new facility, replacing old lockers, or looking for accessories, we are your number one choice for new and used steel lockers at deeply discounted prices. Combine inexpensive, high quality steel lockers with our superior customer service, and you have the ultimate solution for your institutional storage needs with Lightning Lockers!