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Located in Toledo, Ohio, Lightning Lockers offers new metal lockers for sale, used metal lockers for sale, locker benches and locker accessories. We buy used lockers in order to offer our customers a true variety of low priced used lockers on a consistent basis.  As a nationwide supplier of metal lockers, Lightning Lockers stands for quality and superior customer service.

We offer NEW and USED quality metal lockers at low prices so you can outfit your entire athletic locker room, upgrade your school lockers or employee lockers on a budget. Get the high quality metal lockers you need today. Lightning Lockers has school lockers for sale, athletic lockers and locker benches, and employee metal lockers for sale. CONTACT US TODAY!

Because customer service is our priority, we warehouse our products in several states across the country in order to save you money on freight - keeping your total locker cost low!  The following cities are home to a Lightning Lockers Warehouse:  Los Angeles, California; Toledo, Ohio; Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Memphis, Tennessee.

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As our truly satisfied customers can attest, Lightning Lockers not only offers the best in high quality, new lockers for sale, but we also provide high quality, used lockers for sale at a low discounted rate.  Our customer service team finds the right lockers for you every time. Whether you need to outfit your athletic facility with new lockers and locker benches, or you'd like to replace your old employee lockers on a budget, Lightning Lockers finds the right locker for you at the right price for your budget.

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