Metal lockers come in two colors: gray and tan.

(TIP: Gray doesn’t show dirt and grime and is a good choice for environments where dirt can build up. Tan is well suited to offices and clean environments.)

Metal lockers come packaged one wide and three wide.

(TIP: A box of three is cheaper than three boxes of one.)

Sloped tops are an excellent way to prevent people from accidentally leaving valuables on top of health club lockers or other public lockers. View information about our locker accessories.

Metal lockers come with 6″ legs unless specified. The legs are not included in metal locker heights. A 72″ high metal locker will actually be 78″ tall: a 72″ metal locker compartment + 6″ legs = 78″. (TIP: Legs are easily cut off with an electric saw if not desired).

Refurbishing a Locker Room

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