Locker Accessories

Locker Number Plates, Key Locks and Combination Locks

Find all the locker accessories you need here! Order online with Lightning Lockers and suit up your new or used lockers for your gym, health club, athletic facility, workout room, school, or locker room.

  • Number Plates
  • Combination Locks
  • Key Locks
  • Top & Bottom Accessory kit

All number plates easily attach to the metal lockers that include pre-drilled holes. Our number plates have etched black characters on an aluminum plate and come with the pop rivets necessary to mount them to the pre-drilled holes in our metal lockers.

Locker locks are available in key or keyless versions, and provide top-notch security for any locker unit used in schools, athletic facilities, health clubs, gyms or the workplace.

Accessory kits for top and bottom of lockers offer cleanliness and organization. Instead of flat locker tops where forgotten items or debris can gather, the slanted locker top accessory eliminates this area and makes it much easier to clean or dust. The closed base kit also closes up the space under the locker to avoid any lost items or accumulation of dirt and dust.

We also offer built-in locker locks in both combination and keyed styles. Either type is designed to be easily installed in most metal lockers and provide an excellent alternative to hanging locks when you want to ensure a clean, professional look or want to maintain the highest degree of control in how your metal lockers are secured.

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