Athletic Lockers

Lightning Lockers has new heavy duty metal athletic / gym lockers for sale to outfit your athletic facility, weight room or gym locker room. Shop online for athletic lockers and choose from standard tan or gray colors, or select a custom color to match your facility, school, or current spirit colors!

  • Rugged, quality athletic / gym lockers
  • Athletic locker accessories
  • Heavy duty metal athletic lockers with high quality hinges and locks

We provide high quality, metal athletic lockers that can take a beating, hold a large amount of equipment, and are discounted to a low price. Rigid construction, ventilation areas, and shelving offer the best in heavy duty athletic lockers for your gym, school, or athletic facility.

Don’t pay too much for your athletic lockers - Contact us today, or shop online with Lightning Lockers.

NOTE: All color chips are reproductions and approximate the actual color as closely as possible. Contact us for a metal color chip sample.

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Browse our custom Welded Steel Lockers; a variety of styles and layouts built using durable welded construction. These lockers can stand up to years of hard use and abuse!

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