Athletic Locker


Various sizes available. Call for color choice. 16 gauge steel body construction. 18 gauge steel back. Diamond perforated steel on sides and wide open front allows maximum ventilation. Two wall hooks and coat rod included..

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Our heavy duty athletic lockers are designed from the ground up to take on heavy abuse without flinching. With an all metal construction, these locker units are not only durable, but they can easily handle the large amounts of equipment your typical football player or firefighter wears. Heavy duty athletic lockers from Lighting Lockers are the ultimate solution for your sports facility, firehouse, or any other facility that requires a spacious, long-lasting locker storage system with deep discount pricing.

NOTE: All color chips are reproductions and approximate the actual color as closely as possible. Contact us for a metal color chip sample.

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Athletic Locker Sizes

24"W X 18"D X 72"H, 24"W X 21"D X 72"H, 24"W X 24"D X 72"H, 33"W X 18"D X 72"H, 33"W X 21"D X 72"H, 33"W X 24"D X 72"H